Speaker: Dr. Jiayu Zhan, Ph.D., University of Glasgow

Time: 8:30 a.m. -9:20 a.m. (Beijing time), March 7, 2022

Link: https://meeting.tencent.com/dm/nObBIIWIZnqb 

Meeting Number: 508-433-822 (Tencent)

Abstract: A fundamental challenge in neuroscience is to understand how the brain processes information to make sense of the environment. For example, how do we recognize that an image is of Beijing instead of Shanghai? Typical methodologies often approach this question by measuring brain activity at different granularities using relatively uncontrolled stimuli. However, we must go beyond this and understand what these activities represent in terms of the specific stimulus information processed. In this talk, I will show you a new framework that aims to better deliver the information processing in the brain. Using this approach, I successfully quantified the task-relevant stimulus information that supports different visual categorizations; teased apart such information contents from the sensory inputs that are unrelated to the task; and precisely tracked how brain dynamics process task-relevant while reduce task-irrelevant information to achieve flexible categorizations. This work can provide a critical information basis to evaluate both the conceptual and computational models of the mechanism and function as an important human benchmark to develop brain-inspired technology.